A little about me

I tried my hand at the brokerage business, it went under different names finder, strategic alliance, joint venture, partnership so many more I forget. I was pretty good at finding clients and that were qualified. I was just a little guy with big named clients.

The industry is in shambles and has basically been destroyed by the internet. There really is no need for them anymore. As sellers and buyers have decided a middle man is unnecessary. I had about 32 billion in client acquisitions that were qualified. However my major hurdle was the giants I struck a deal with to handle my clients. They tended to change the terms of the deal once I had the client. To favor them. They were arrogant. No client of mine would ever concede to there new unreasonable demands nor would I subject the clients I found to the one sided big deal the corporations revised.

Well now the industry is pretty much collapsed of brokering goods. As the big guys didn’t want to pay a middleman.it used to be that’s how the economy was run but not anymore it’s changed.

It did allow me in to learn how to gain clients in a lot of different industries.

I just had to learn the hard way to either be in control of the supply or be on the selling end of control of the supply. That was my error. I took it hard. Why it’s brought me here to what I’m doing now.

They call what happened in 2008, 2009 a financial crisis because all the financial institutions were failing.if they are in charge of the money and can’t keep afloat without a government bail out where does that leave the rest of us as society who don’t deal with financial transactions on a daily basis. If the brightest in the industry need to bail out. It’s not to good for those of us who don’t have there inside information and connections.

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