Contemplating the reason for life.

I have been contemplating the reason for life. To me it seems to be survival. When I used to do martial arts the teacher said generations ago this style fought against the samurai. However under our style we survive and can come back at another time if our honor has been broken. The opposite is true of the samurai. Not much is known about the style I took except that it was the old ways.

We would train for perfection in the simplest things. I have come back to that realization in my life. Life is about surviving. However in life we if we can can get some things to make life more enjoyable simple luxuries. A nice car a nice art piece. Nice clothing. It makes life a little more enjoyable.

In order for us to survive we no longer have to go hunt. We can work for money that is how we hunt. Salespeople marketing people they are the hunters that the the rest of society has to depended on in order to get money. Without them the whole system falls apart. Everyone else’s who is not part of sales and marketing. Is a bye product of the sales and marketing efforts everything would come to a halt without them as no money would exchange hands. If that happens. Then basic survival is at jeopardy There is no need for management no need for accounting departments no need for compliance departments if no money is being exchanged for a product or service. It all just cones to a stand still. The business would seize to exist.

I want to share my photographic art with others so they can enjoy the peace of what was taken. I’m reminded of the farmer what he grows corn and cultivates he gets corn not something else. I’m reminded of the Bible what we think is what what we get.the whole positive motivation and self improvement industry is based on what we think about is what we get.

However the gaming industry sees it a different way so does Hollywood. They think the violence they produce has no effect on society and the morals of how society acts. I think different put good in get good out put bad in get bad out. Health fitness gurus are part of this thinking as well. It garbage food don’t exercise don’t get fit body. Eat good food exercise get good body.

For me I prefer to put good things in my mind and body. If you choose differently then it’s called free choice. I’m reminded of a story a young boy had a painting of a ship at see in his room so did his brothers they went off to see. The mom being afraid her youngest boy would go off to see asked a psychiatrist what to do. This is when doctors made house calls. He looked over the room and said change the picture of the sea fairing ship. To something else. The boy grew up and never went to sea as his brothers did. But did something else. The story is vague in my mind. But I hope you get the point of it.

They say pictures that are positive help reduce depression. I’m one to believe in that thought group.
So I enjoy creating pictures of more uplifting spirit. Yes it’s a luxury to have my pictures. But it will brighten up the place. Or you could choose a room with no windows painted grey and black. If you think it won’t have a effect on you and listen to screens of horror as it will have no effect on your state of being.

But that’s not me and I hope it’s not you and you do want to enjoy some finer things in life and choose to cultivate your mind with uplifting imagery.

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