See the beauty in life through my pictures and art work.

To help people see the beauty in life through my pictures and art work.

Because they might not be able to experience the places due to

Physical or financial limitations.

But yet still experience the beauty in the world through my imagery.

Sometimes the pain has to be so great that someone would do almost anything to buy something or do something in order to eliminate or alleviate the problem or pain.

Why I’m doing photography. I was in my mid 20s and I wanted to get a degree in photography I didn’t though as a teacher discouraged us students. I then went to massage therapy school. And ended up not doing it as it had a bad stigma at that time. I regretted not getting a photography degree. And years later I was given a chance to go back to college. I did I went for a multi media artist degree. As it was something I wanted to do as a child. I had forgotten but was reminded by my grandmothers sister. Then I had a chance for another degree. I jumped at a photography degree.  I had two semesters to go and I was off for summer break and I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit. School was to start in about three weeks. I lost muscle mass and my strength eyesight not to good. I fought to get myself as best I could so I could finish that degree and I did. Photography saved my life. Since graduating with the two degrees I felt I needed to learn more I was searching for something I didn’t what but I thought I would find it through photography. A few years later still studying I took a couple more online classes. Bingo, I hit what I was looking for. But to get me to study this and reflect on it. It took me to injure my arm and shoulder I ended up on my back for a couple weeks. And I was able to reflect and learn. And I was in a lot of pain. I learned a person will do almost anything to get outa that kinda pain. So I now have a vision of what I want to to do.

Share my photography. I have been going to senior citizen care places. And me and my friend have shared are images my photography and his paintings. It’s been a joy for me to share. I have been to several hospitals with the elderly. And I notice the images photography and paintings. It living up the facilities makes it a peaceful place in places that are full of the sick and injured.

So that’s what I’m doing sharing my pictures to help create a peaceful loving environment for people who may not be able to go to some of the places I visit due to psychical or financial restraints.

All the best,

Cheers on your adventure…

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