What brought me to photography.


Some people wonder what brought me to photography. I did take a class in high school. But that was ages ago. Then the first time I started going to college I took a class again it wasn’t earth shattering the teacher discouraged us even going in the industry. So I later went to become a massage therapist. I ended up not working I. The industry as most people aren’t looking for male massage therapists. It’s changed a little bit over the years but it’s wonderful if you’re a female. So I worked in another industry.

It did come to a end with the financial crisis. While industries no longer exist because of that and the internet.

I then had a chance to go back to college and I did. I’ve studied marketing and sales and personal development the majority of life. I did question everything I had learned and build on it from scratch again.

So I went to college and earned a multi media degree as I have a love for advertising and marketing and wanted to design it to the highest standard I could visually and with words. I then got three certificates in web design and a couple others. While doing that I took a photography class. I had regretted not getting the degree the first time around. So I went to earn it.

While earning it I had two semesters to go and I was off for the summer. I got really sick my body was acidity and it was eating my muscles I became week and ended up in intensive care. I might not have lived had I not went to the hospital that night I wouldn’t have made it through the night.

I struggled but was determined to earn the degree that pushed me to get better. So I completed the degree I was hooked. It wasn’t easy for me but I was hooked photography saved my life.

I still hadn’t built my muscles up. After getting my degree I studied photography day and night I was obsessed with it for about three years after it consumed me day and night.

I wanted to get out and take some pictures in some of these place but I needed to develop my muscles. A friend helped me get a puppy he would be big and I can say he helps me build my muscles everyday.

A few months ago. I did to much with him over worked my muscles my arms and back were in a lot of pain. My arms really didn’t work to much. I couldn’t write or draw with my life. It’s funny massage school what I learned is how I healed myself. I did see a doctor just so you know.

Any how now I’m stronger then I ever have been. My dog saved my life as well as photography. I just love um.

I haven’t done it my whole life but I’m obsessed with it and what I learned with the multi media degree.

But that’s a life taking a different course direction and finding another one. So I hope you enjoy my imagery as much as I enjoy making it.

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