What is your reason why?

What’s your reason why?

In marketing and persuasion, people like to know your reason why. A unique selling proposition is another name for reason why. Simon Sinek find your why? If you look  on ted talk you can gain greater clarity.

I guess I am hoping others share there why and join me on this journey through my posts.

I have been studying reading marketing, advertising, selling, motivation topics for over thirty years. I did money brokering business and got to know well known famous people and a lot of people. I looked at a lot of business plans for loans and venture capital. I learned a lot of people see wealth as raising money. And a few in making money. I worked with Dolerean and after the project we were working on died when he died. I took a break. I learned there is a lot to life more then just money. I looked. Deep inside.

One thing I saw was people seeking money didn’t put together good presentations. Or gave a good designed presentation. I always did a make over to show a client that would approve of a loan.

I then got a opportunity to go to school later in my life. I learned as a kid I wanted to be a multi media art after I got my degree and I always loved photography. While going to school I almost died I know others can relate during games summer break. Photography my desire to get my degree in saved my life. I could have easily dropped out. I really couldn’t see for the first month of the semester the teacher worked with me and I asked them if they wouldn’t mind keeping a eye on me as this was a strong desire. I was weak I asked other students if they could help with the flash diffusion that was just to hard to set up or take apart. My camera back back was heavy I wasn’t sure if I could even drive myself to school.

I did get my degree in it and my desire for the love of photography has helped my health, as my doctor is in disbelief at how well I have recovered.

Through life I’v learned pictures to people are a valuable as in wars and natural disasters pictures are one of the first possessions people take. When I was a teenager I threw my yearbooks away. I have regretted it, and I’ve saved a lot of family pictures when friends of my siblings were no longer friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend was no more I saved the ripped up pictures. They are valuable now but at the time they were discarded.

So this is my reason why I do photography and multi media artist stuff. I know what to do as I have seen a lot of business plans and marketing plans and it has been a something I love to study. But even the best can be knocked down. So I’m sharing my thoughts to help you as I do it helps me and helps me be accountable what I signed up for for this challenge.

A lot of my posts are to help you grow your business through marketing. I just need a little push why I’m doing this and I hope you share your thoughts as it helps everyone I’m hoping.

Take care for now,

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